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FUQ - Frequently Unasked Questions

  • What the hell is UCP ?

  • UCP, the Ucid Project, is a group of independent producers who use this zone to spread their music. We do what we want, have no commercial goals and most important of all: we do it for fun. Started as a little group of originally 2 persons, halfway 1996, we grew out to be a popular site for hardcore minded music fans. We gained a lot of attention, and with that we attracted the producers that form the UCP-Elite nowadays.

  • What's with the restyle ?

  • We changed locations and looks a few times allready in the past. The previous ucpzone has been in use for over 3 years, a new layout - and with that a new injection for ucp - was badly needed. As anyone can see, the site is completely database-driven now. Extensive search options and a crystal clear lay-out. For us it's easy to update, meaning we're gonna release a lot more than we used to.

  • So now what, you're gonna do trance ?

  • Keeping in mind our non-commercial spirit and our love for the underground sound, it's not very likely that ucp will start to produce melodic trance..

  • Than are you still hardcore ?

  • Since the roots of UCP are definetely hardcore, we gained a group of producers with the same roots and similar tastes. The music we produce today, though, may vary from the standard etiquette of hardcore music. We don't aim to produce hardcore - anymore - but the music will primarily express that it's hardcore where our roots lie. The new ucpzone offers its artists more "freedom of expression" than before. Therefore more experimental styles will appear. But offcourse some of our producers are still very much into making the loud and fast stuff as well - so no worries for them h4rdk0r3 luvaz ']

  • What happened to the guesttrax, samples and tools?

  • We believe those parts are not relevant anymore. There are enough sites specialised in samples and software, we're just focussing on our music. The G-Trax though, may return in the nearby future.

  • I make music too - can i join ?

  • Ehrm..if you really think we suck and we are in need of a maestro - you know how to reach us

  • How do you make your music?

  • Most gear used is software-based, 90% of our trax are done with tracker software. Some members use midi equipment as well.

  • So where do i get this software?

  • Check our linx section for sites that offer trackersoftware

  • Please release xm's ! I have a 28k modem and it takes me ages to download those mp3 files !

  • There are several reasons why we release mp3's. First of all, we use different gear to produce trax. .XM may be compatible with winamp, but with buzz and madtracker files it gets a bit more difficult. 2nd of all, mp3's *mostly* are smaller in size than .xm files. It's common that our xm's are 20mb in size. Would that make you happy? And finally, we get a little tired of hearing our samples used - without credits - in songs everywhere on the net.

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