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  • h i s t o r y

  • The 2 founders of UCP(Wizzy, ex-member and RanX, now known as The Errorist) met each other on a rave in jaarbeurshallen utrecht, sharing an interest in hardcore, mixing and producing hardcoremusic. Tracking was a forgotten thing since the Amiga500 was buried, and with the discovery of Fasttracker, years later they were able to continue to produce music on a much higher level with substantially more possibilities. They decided to go online with a site just to spread their music. The zone changed location several times, it got banned due to extreme traffic, and finally they got themselves a domain and an ftp server for the trax. Fans worldwide never lost track of UCP's locations thanx to our newsletters, and thus we were able to maintain that big group of online hardcoreminded people as dedicated visitors to the site.

  • h i g h l i g h t s

  • Regarding our musical level, UCP's highlight definitely is the 100th release. UCP, and only UCP, managed to get an exclusive cooperation with the woman behind the famous voice of classic hardcore-anthems like "Violet Skies". Since UCP has no commercial goals, The Queen of Rave, Jade4U (currently the singer of a big US dance-act called Lords Of Acid, in the past known as NMO, Praga Khan, Channel-X, Phantasia and more) was willing to cooperate with UCP and recorded our introtext ("it's only the beginning") -which was especially written for the occasion- for UCP to use in their 100th release. The intro, with these vocals, was produced by another hardcore-celebrity, Dr.Macabre, whom we all know of the hardcore anthem Poltergeist, French Connection, and a lot more..The ascending track to the intro was taken care of by UCP's own producers. When the track was finally released on our site we got such an immense amount of visitors that our server crashed. The 50th release is also very worthwhile, it's a 20 minutes track by as much as 10 ucp-producers. Apart from the release, UCP got awarded with a "monkeytail", an award for hardcore internetsites by the "Thundermagazine" from the infamous company ID&T.

  • g f x

  • The arrival of ucp's producer Neuromancer seemed a step forward in becoming a professional internet label. Every release came with beautifully designed covers. The full 800x600 covers are still attached in the zips of our trax. NooT also made our famous Head, the official ucp-logo. The logo got printed on t-shirts, which even today are spotted often on various harcore events. (Yes, they're still the webmaster for details ;)

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